My wishlist concerning Amazon wishlists

A shot from my Amazon wishlist

I’m feeling generous lately, especially when it comes to websites that I like or visit often. While surfing around I can’t help it, I always think in terms of  “oh, it’s not possible to do this, what a pity!” or “I would have this sorted by…”.

Since I’m struggling a lot to finalize my Amazon wishlist before I actually proceed with the purchase, I’d like to share a number of things I would improve in its management.

  • Display the total cost of a wishlist at the bottom – good if I need to stick to a budget. Even better if I could select certain items in the wishlist (check-boxes) and have the total amount updating instantly. (Hey, this is what I wish so no limits in my imagination!)
  • Be able to have items repeated in more than one wishlist – I might want to share different lists with different groups of people and mix the items accordingly.
  • Be able to move the entire list to the cart for purchasing it all (Amazon, think it twice, it’s convenient for you!).

These are my 5 eurocents to Amazon.

What other feature would you like?


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